Infrastructure & Network

Our infrastructure is housed in the Level(3) Goswell Road datacenter located in Shoreditch, London. Goswell Road is an award winning datacenter, right in the heart of East London's Tech City, just to the east of the famous "Silicon Roundabout" (Old Street). The Level(3) Goswell Road datacenter has been open since October 2000 and is home to all of our enterprise equipment. This state-of-the-art Tier III facility is one of the international touchdown points for London, on the internet, which makes it ideal for low latency and superb connectivity.

Technical facts of the site:

  • Total Size: 25,143 m2

  • Available fully fitted space: 13,755 m2

  • Maximum site power: 20 MVA

  • N+1 Perimeter down-flow chiller water cooling units

  • Dual-redundant A and B power distribution

  • Smoke extraction system at 12 air changes per hour

  • Double interlocked pre-action dry pipe sprinkler system

  • Full electronic access control system, based on proximity cards, PIN keypads and biometric palm-scanners

  • Intruder detection system on escape and riser doors

  • CCTV monitoring and recording of all access points and circulation areas

Hardware Information

We own all of our enterprise grade equipment, which is housed within our private rackspace at the Level(3) Goswell Road datacenter. Our servers are comprised of bespoke Supermicro hardware, assembled by our own engineers and stress tested to the highest of standards. We only use the best hardware on the market; this includes Intel Xeon processors, (Segate|WD) Enterprise hard drives, Intel SSD’s, LSI RAID cards, Samsung ECC RAM and much more! Our switches and routers are also of the highest standard. In the rare circumstance that something goes wrong, we can quickly dispatch one of our engineers to repair any issues with our infrastructure.

Network Information

We operate a premium route-optimised network, consisting mostly of Level(3) bandwidth. Our network blend also features M247 and Goscomb bandwidth, which enables us to provide one of the quickest networks in London. We own all of our IP blocks, which gives us more flexibility and control over our IP addressing.

Want to test our network for yourself? Check out our Looking Glass.